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When planning your project keep in mind that you are building a home from scratch and you can do whatever you like. Building with the materials available may be one of the few constrains. You may also want to consider the area where you will be building. To keep things looking somewhat in place.

Most home owners elect to build so that there home will have an ocean or mountain view (or both). In Loreto this is very easy to accomplish.

Usually the first consideration is your budget on the project. When discussing your plan with Jesus Cortes, knowing your budget can be a big time saver. Many people have found that it is easy to start on one part of a project, finish it, then begin the next phase as more money has become available. This is certainly an option.

Your ideas are most important. One easy way of getting started is to have hand sketches or ideas of what you want that Jesus can incorporate into your new home plans. Taking a camera, a little time and exploration around town and you may find many ideas that will inspire your homes look.

Once an idea is know, Jesus will start the process of drawing your first renderings. From there changes will be made until you are satisfied with the look. The next step is preparing the archetectural plans. These will be used for all involved in the construction process.



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