How we build

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Once the basics have been taken care of, the house foundations are dug in. In Loreto, a deep footing is hand dug to provide for a solid foundation. The foundation is made with cement and rocks (which weigh about 10-20 pounds each. Above the rock foundation, cement blocks are added to obtain the desired house height. From the level area of blocks, rebar is added and a grid pattern of steel called Maya, this becomes the ground floor level.

Most construction in Baja is made with cement blocks, framed in with cement pillars that are reinforced with rebar, these are called Castillos. Wire lined foam can be added for better insulation between the castillos instead of blocks on many walls. The walls are then rough coated with cement, then finished off in your choice of a variety of coating ranging from smooth to rough texture.

Flooring above the first floor is made with rebar supports, the rebar is patterned like a checkerboard, with the squares filled in with large blocks of foam, the foam being about 20 inch X 20 inch X 8 inch. The base is supported by plywood that is braced from the floor below. This flooring is strong, and the foam provides for more insulation. Once the rebar and foam have been set, cement is poored into the checkerboard pattern. Cement is poured by hand by skilled workers by using 1 - 5 gallon bucket at a time.



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